In only one month, I more than doubled my average monthly income.

Thank you Christine!  Your Uplevel Your Purpose Retreat rocked my world.

It is such an amazing feeling to finally understand how to put my "why" into practice in an authentic, value-centered, no-drama, and PROFITABLE way.   I left Uplevel Your Purpose inspired and empowered, with both clear next steps and de-fogged mindsets.  

I did the work just like you instructed and I've had the best month ever financially! The tangible results are amazing.  In only one month, I more than doubled my average monthly income!

The best part though, is I now know, in both my heart and head, that I can make the income I want AND really serve the world in my unique way, helping people have less pain, better posture and much more happiness. Woohoo!

Amira AlvarezAmira Alvarezwww.amiraalvarez.com

I'll start by saying that if the only thing I learned from this program was the power of my own intention and how to use it, that alone would've been enough to change my life completely.

But it didn't stop there!

I had been lugging around some horrible mindsets for most of my life. Christine helped me to let go of these in a way I never thought possible. It's like internal freedom. I have totally changed my mindset on just about everything from my emotional experiences to how I do my job.

I used to make so many decisions out of fear. Now I have a clear and creative view of the world and my contribution to it, and my decisions seem to make themselves.

In fact, I could go ON and ON here, and it would never be enough to describe how much my life has changed! I'm more excited about my life than I've ever been.

If you're wondering whether or not to do this program - I'll just say that the thing that's so DIFFERENT about how Christine teaches is that it's apparent that she's done or is doing all of those things in her own life. Her power and her authenticity are evident. Go for it! You'll be SO happy you did!

Sue LudwigSue Ludwigneonataltherapists.com

When I first started Uplevel Academy, I didn’t feel like I was able to get help from underneath a heavy load. I was discouraged in my job and didn’t really see a way out. I didn’t have a business idea because I was blocked. But I was given hope right away that it was possible.

Honestly, what made me decide to sign up was I got a little taste of the fact that it was totally doable; that I wasn’t going to die if I quit my job and try to go it on my own. The rules that I had been subject or allowed myself to be subject to were invalid. It was my exposure to many of the women that we’re at an event that I had attended that showed me kind of a mirror of myself because I didn’t see their limitations that I saw on my own. So I really started to connect with the fact that I really shouldn’t be limited either.

Within the first year, actually the first three months, I was able to quit my six-figure job and not experience a reduction in my income. It opened every area of my life for me to see that the energy that I was expelling was for something other than I really wanted. So I was able to channel then into the creation of my own business which really enabled me because when I quit my job, then I didn’t need to stay where I was physically.

So then, the world is your oyster. You are able to just sit back and say, “Well, if I could do whatever I wanted, what would that be?” I was able to see my daughters that I taught I was teaching that they could be whatever they wanted. I was seeing it but I was allowing myself to be subject to the society that told me that that wasn’t the case actually for me. But I didn’t realize that I was doing that until I quit my job and my daughters told me, “Wow! It’s something that’s really true. It is not just something that you tell us because you’re our mother and you want to grow up a certain way. You actually believe it.”

I was then able to create with them the life that we wanted. So the creation of the business allowed me to actually look at my life and start playing with that now, which is pretty incredible!

StaceyPruim150 (1)Stacy Pruimsystemserenity.com

When I started the Uplevel Your Life Mastery Program a year ago, I had no idea how it would impact my life. Man, what a difference a year makes!

A year ago, I was totally overwhelmed with life and felt a huge change was coming, but I wasn't sure what it was going to be. I just knew I needed to do something different.  But how?  That was the question that was gnawing at me - keeping me stuck where I didn't want to be. That’s when I signed up for Christine’s Uplevel your Life Mastery Program.

The clarity that came to me in the 49 days I spent in this program was amazing!  The daily lessons quickly became something I really looked forward to. I loved going through the Tool Kit and finding out what wasn't working in my life that I had the power to change. More importantly, I learned what was working for me and how to get more of that in my life. I actually took time to create how I wanted to live my life moving forward.

That entire experience led me to make a career change into something that has been my passion - being of service to others.  I can honestly say I've gotten more results from Christine’s programs than any other program I've invested in.  Christine’s the real deal, and I am a perfect example of how you can take your life from "how" to "wow"!

Barb ChurchhillBarb Churchillwww.fillyourcupcoach.com

I'm a late bloomer, and I know now that I was born to be an entrepreneur! Because I come from a healing background, building a business has entailed a steep learning curve. I've been all over the place trying to model the teachings of successful people who operate much differently than I do, which left me feeling frustrated, disempowered, and not able to generate the kind of business that I dreamed of.

It's a profound ache to have a gift, a dream or a longing and not be able to realize it. But to discover the teacher, mentor, guide who can help you actualize and BECOME who you came here to be - and put that out in the world in a way that supports you and others - is the ultimate gift!

I was lucky to discover Christine Kane. Imagine having a brilliant, creative, laser-sharp business coach embodied in this accessible, quirky, hilariously funny, plain-talking, direct and supportive girlfriend who figuratively holds your hand to walk you through the steps of building a business (and she knows her business!) - who will NEVER give up on you!

With my years of perspective, I know that Christine Kane is more than a business coach - she's a healer and her medium is guiding you through the process of building your business, which is a manifestation of your authentic self. (Plus she always provides top-notch materials in various mediums so that you can connect regardless of your preferred learning style!)

Christine has connected me with the deepest parts of my Self, made confusing things simple and made impossible tasks possible.

Wherever you are in your process of creating a business -- I hope for your sake that you do what it takes to work with Christine! Your work and your life will transform!

Lisa ZimmermanLisa Zimmermanwww.soullevelsolutions.com

I already had my own thriving therapy practice - but I was 'playing small,' and slowly but surely getting a little tired. I KNEW I could show up much bigger in my work, for my clients, and in my HOW! (As Christine calls it.) I knew it was time. I was ready.

Well, using what I learned from Christine, I not only increased my income by $16K per year INSTANTLY - but my practice is now ALWAYS full! Plus, I'm expanding my services to include an entirely new program called Power Your Parenting™ - based on what I am most passionate about - mother/daughter relationships during the teenage years. Christine has helped me get clear and actually CREATE an amazing direction that I never saw coming! I'm now attracting new clients - and serving people in a much much bigger way!

Colleen O'GradyColleen O'Gradypoweryourparenting.com

In 6 months I went from almost zero income to securing over $55,000 + of work I love. And more work continues to flow in!

Last year, the Uplevel Your Life Mastery Program literally changed my life.

I've been an artist all my life but never quite believed that I could actually make a living doing it. Last year I was in a career as Vice President of a Public Relations firm. I was good at my job, but everyday I felt like an imposter pretending to be someone else. This caused lots of stress in myself and with those around me.

Then I discovered Uplevel Your Life. It turned my life around. I gained clarity, focus, belief in myself, gratitude, self accountability and cultivated forgiveness.

Long story short, my marriage turned around, I left my job, and I started a business of my own (Senn City Studio) creating artwork designed to inspire others. Most recently, I designed creative interiors for a major restaurant franchise out of Atlanta. In the past 6 months I went from almost zero income to securing over $55,000 + of work I love. And more work continues to flow in!

I am now developing a side business that will teach others how to uncover what they really want in their life and create a path to getting there. Christine, your program gave me the tools, information and support I needed to truly Uplevel my Life!

Amy SennAmy Sennselfblisscipline.wordpress.com

When I signed up for Uplevel Your Business, I had lots of ideas, but no idea how to actually take the first step toward making my dream a reality. On top of that, I was still working at a full-time job and had little time to do the research to figure out what was next.

Lucky for me, Uplevel Your Business had everything I needed to begin taking precious baby steps. The modules were clearly laid out in an order that made perfect sense. And the action packs have all the tools you need to implement the info from the videos. Christine is so generous in sharing all of the mistakes she’s made along the way (so her clients don’t have to)!

Thanks to Uplevel your Business, I’ve stepped away from the day job and now am able to thrive and run a successful business doing what I love most… helping women holistically through menopause and beyond!

Anna GarrettDr. Anna Garrettwww.drannagarrett.com